Why Pinterest Should Be Separate from Your Social Media Strategy

It wasn’t too long ago where little ‘ole me was using Pinterest to search for new recipes and cute outfits. But after a lot of chatter I’d heard on how we shouldn’t categorize it as a social media channel, but rather, a search engine –I listened up.

Why your Pinterest strategy should be separate from your social media strategy

It Isn’t a Social Media Platform

So, stop treating it like one!

You see, Pinterest organizes its search results by identifying key words that relate as close to what is being entered into the search bar as possible (very much like Google). Think of it as a visual search engine –not a social media channel. Now, those who are using Pinterest for their own personal use might see it as social media because they aren’t trying to sell or promote anything. They’re simply using it for inspiration, or to even buy or try something later. But business owners –you’ll want to make sure you have a completely different strategy.

The Algorithm is Completely Different

Hands-down, my favorite thing to tell clients is Pinterest’s effectiveness in driving visitors to their websites FOR FREE. With the frustrating algorithm changes on social media, the best way to promote your products or services is to pay an arm and a leg for Facebook or Instagram ads. But not with Pinterest. Pinterest’s algorithm (smart feed) is sorted by key words and relevancy, not the amount of money you’re spending. In fact, it’s very common for your pins to appear in searches for years, whereas with Facebook… eh…let’s just say you’re better off repurposing your good content and leaving it at that.


It Requires a Separate Posting Style

Unlike posting updates on Facebook or other social media channels, Pinterest is a completely different animal. For example, the frequency of pins you post weekly is significantly higher and should have a good mix of original content and re-pins from users in similar niches. It’s also very important that your boards display pins with content that speaks directly to your target audience. You don’t want to own a restaurant and create all these awesome boards full of international cooking styles, and then have a random home and garden board thrown in there –keep it consistent!

Its Discoverability is Based Solely on Key Words

Since Pinterest’s discoverability is based off searchable key words, you’ll want to make sure your board titles, board descriptions, and pin descriptions are optimized accordingly. A good tip is to always imagine yourself in the head of your ideal client. What kinds of things are they typing in the search bar? How can you anticipate their needs and translate that into a concise label for your pins? You also want to make sure that your pin descriptions aren’t too broad that you get completely buried in the search –so make it specific enough. A good example of this would be describing a pin as “marketing consultant benefits,” versus just “consultant benefits” (see my pin below? It’s at the very top!).  


Pinterest Users Will Do the Work for You

Pinterest is one of the only platforms where users will regularly do the work for you –without even knowing it! Yeah… social media channels have groups you can network in and get a few hits on your pages. But with Pinterest, there’s millions of users pinning and sharing content like crazy. I mean, isn’t that the whole point? To hop onto Pinterest for inspiration and build upon your boards so you and your followers can look at it later? Pinterest users are literally doing the advertising for you.


Similar Niches Can Promote You, Too

This post contains affiliate links of products I use and love.

And to amplify your exposure even more, Pinterest has group boards where users in similar niches can post and share each other’s content to an audience of interested followers. I am especially nuts about Tailwind Tribes, which operate in a very similar fashion. Haven’t heard about Tailwind (what?!)? Then I highly recommend you check it out to make your Pinterest experience even better! My Pinterest page went from 225 monthly viewers a month to 25,000 in 3 weeks…uh, yeah! Be sure to hop on the Tailwind train once you get your Pinterest account up and running!

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