How to Grow your Social Media Accounts in 3 Easy Steps

In case you haven’t already heard –less than 6% of your social media followers are actually seeing your content. I know, right? SUPER FRUSTRATING. So if you’ve been following along, you may have learned a little bit about the ever-changing algorithm, and its drastic effects on your organic (free) reach. With that being said, it brings us to our next question –how do you actually grow your following (despite the algorithm)?  

1. Stop Reinventing the Wheel

Considering the tiniest percentage of your followers are actually seeing your posts, it’s time to stop reinventing the wheel every single week (check out my repurposing method, here!). Social media is all about building true, meaningful connections with your audience –and if you’re spending all your time creating new captions, new graphics, new this and that –you’re missing out on what you should be doing in step 2!

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2. Build Connections  

Now that you’ve cut down some time on recreating content every day (try Smarter Queue or Tailwind for scheduling ahead!), let’s get to what you should be doing to grow your social media accounts –building connections! I think it’s safe to say that social media isn’t just called “social” for nothing. So, if you’re hiding behind your computer screen, lurking around on people’s pages –and not really doing anything else, you’re probably not seeing much growth, right? RIGHT! This is because the algorithm wants users to create a community on their channels, make connections, start conversations –and utilize ALL their features.

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3. Evaluate & adjust

If you’re not measuring your social media performance every month, you should at least be looking at it every quarter. This can be super helpful in testing what types of content works well with your audience, versus what doesn’t. Once you’ve determined your evergreen (always relevant) content and your high-performing content, you’ll find that step one becomes much easier.   

Well, there ya have it! My best (and simplest!) advice for growing your social media accounts. Now, there’s obviously a ton of other tricks that work for other users as well, but I’ve found that it really comes down to building those genuine connections with your followers and potential customers. So, stop wasting so much time creating brand new content that no one sees, and start creating an honest following! You’ve got this!

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