10 Marketing Ideas to Implement in 2019

10 Marketing Ideas for your Business in 2019

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1.  Get on Pinterest

If you still aren’t on Pinterest, now’s the time. Not only has the combination of Pinterest and Tailwind quadrupled my own website traffic in the matter of months, but its worked wonders for my clients’ traffic as well. I’d say, this is arguably one of the most underrated platforms that’s oftentimes treated like social media —when really, it’s a search engine (read more on this, here). The best part? Pinterest brings in free traffic (for now) and has a rather simple algorithm. Definitely worth checking out.

To make sure you have the correct Pinterest strategy in place, definitely download the checklist below!

2.  Create an Email Marketing Campaign

Did you know that the ROI on email marketing is huge? Yep, it’s true –in fact, studies have shown that for every dollar you put into your campaigns, the average return is about $38. Not only that, but once you set your campaign up on autopilot, the marketing is constantly being done for you –even when you’re not working. ConvertKit is really good for automating multiple campaigns at once, and is the most popular email marketing platform for creators and bloggers. Be sure to give it a try for free!


3.  Set Up a Social Media Strategy

I’m sure most of you are using social media for your business –but are you implementing the right strategies on the right platforms to really make an impact…? Ha! I feel ya. I’ve spent years trying to crack the social media code (darn algorithms!) but luckily, there are so many tools out there now to help you automate the process —that you no longer need to spend hours coming up with something new each week. Smarter Queue is my most recent discovery that I’m already obsessed with. It categorizes, queues, and recycles my content for me —which if you’ve read my popular blog about algorithms —you’ll know, I can’t stand babysitting my channels and reinventing the wheel constantly. Because in the words of Sweet Brown, “ain’t nobody got time for that!”

4.  Start Blogging

For those of you non-writers, better brush up on those skills –or hire someone who can produce high-quality content for your business. You see, blogs not only help with your website’s SEO, but they also position you as experts in your field and builds a sense of trust to your audience. It also makes the perfect Pinterest content and has a much longer shelf-life than your other content. You can even make money off your blog, if you’re feeling ambitious! Bluehost is one of the most secure and reliable web hosts chosen among bloggers, and is what I use to host my lifestyle blog because it allows for a more customized look. You can create your free domain and host your blog for as little as $3.95/month —definitely worth checking out!

5.  Host an Event

What better way to get your name out there, than by hosting a fun event for your company? Not only will running an event give you some additional PR, but it’ll allow you to network with people in the business –or even find some potential customers. Hey, ya never know who you could meet at these things!

6.  Tweak your Branding

Is your branding looking a bit… *ehem* dull? Then it might be the perfect time for a brand audit and makeover. It’s important to identify what’s working and what isn’t –so be sure to look at things like your website, your messaging, your brand aesthetic, and more. Whatever it is, it’s really important to nail down who you are as a brand, what you stand for, what impression you want to give your audience, and then keeping it consistent. Read my best tips for branding, here.

7.  Take Advantage of Snail Mail

Who else loves getting a personalized letter in the mail? I know I do –especially if it’s handwritten. It makes you want to open a letter that much more when you know someone took the time to write it out just for you. Email marketing is certainly a growing trend, and has proven results –but sometimes, nothing beats a good old-fashioned flyer or postcard delivered right into the hands of a potential buyer.

8.  Advertise

With the new year, you might find you have the room for a larger marketing budget. Put those ad dollars to good use by implementing an ongoing Facebook or LinkedIn campaign. Maybe you’re looking for some additional local attention? Then check out what opportunities are available at your city’s TV or radio station. You might also be surprised to see how many people still read the newspaper or local magazine –if it works within your niche, then go for it! Don’t forget to advertise in those online publications, as well.  


9.  Give Back

Give back to your community by sponsoring a local organization or event. How about a contest or raffle where people can win a prize from your company? Donate to your neighborhood charity –the opportunities for exposure are endless. And although you may see this as an added expense, most organizations will recognize their sponsors in their programs or advertisements. It’ll also show your community how generous and involved you are, which certainly isn’t bad for business.😉


10.  Build Genuine Connections

What it all really boils down to, is building strong and genuine relationships with your customers. This is why nailing down your branding and understanding who it is that you’re serving is so important. It’s almost like trying to sell affordable baby strollers to couples who are 50 years and older –there’s no connection. But if you really took the time to learn that you should be targeting say, 20-40-year-old women who work part-time, then you’ll know who to focus on and how to position your product to solve their problems. Not only will this instill a sense of trust, but you’ll be front-of-mind when it’s time to buy.  


So, say goodbye to your old ways and ring in the new year with a fresh and effective marketing plan! Looking for a nudge in the right direction? Then contact me today for a 1-hour, action-driven marketing consultation!


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