6 Facebook Groups to Inspire Your Blog or Business

Facebook groups you can join to grow your following

Looking to collaborate and network with like-minded lady entrepreneurs and bloggers? Then you’ll want to consider joining these 7 inspiring Facebook groups today!  

1.  Goal Digger Podcast Insiders

Led by Goal Digger Podcast host and Photographer/Marketing Extraordinaire, Jenna Kutcher, this Facebook Group was the very first one I joined when I launched my business. Not only did I fall in love with Jenna’s podcast because of her stories on female entrepreneurship, but it inspired me to take the leap from my 9-5 to pursue consulting full-time. The Goal Digger Podcast Insiders Group is just another extension of the podcast, offering everything from freebies and interesting content, to bonus show notes and podcast updates.

2.  Societygal – A Community for Creative Female Entrepreneurs

Run by girl power online community, Societygal, this group prides itself for creating a sense of community over competition. In addition, Societygal supports a variety of female entrepreneurs, so you’re bound to find numerous ladies to network with in your niche. You’ll also notice this group is big on discussions, so expect to find numerous engagement threads throughout the week.

3. Women Helping Women Entrepreneurs

Created by marketing expert and speaker, Christina Rowe, this group was designed to lift, empower, and share each other’s successes with one another. Business, personal growth, and work-life balance are the revolving themes in this Facebook group, as well building genuine connections. There are also designated days where you can promote your social media pages, websites, and webinars.

4. Girlcrush Collective

This Facebook group is filled with high-vibe business owners and bloggers looking to connect and inspire. I look forward to popping in here each week because the users are very active and passionate about what they do. I also love that Katie Mander Saada runs an engagement thread almost every day –definitely something to take advantage of when you’re looking to grow your social media following or blog page views!

5. Boss Girl Bloggers

Although this community dedicates itself to lifestyle, fashion and beauty bloggers, I tend to gravitate over here because there’s still conversations about business, social media, and marketing. I also enjoy Ell Duclos’ blog promo threads because I’m able to share my latest marketing blogs, which I hope will benefit bloggers looking to improve their marketing efforts.

6.  Creative Girl Bosses and Bloggers

Hosted by designer and blogger, Dana Nicole, this group is a place where creatives can come together and help each other succeed in the online world. Here, you’ll find multiple free resources, links to workshops, networking opportunities, and more. In addition, there are threads almost every day that encourage goal setting, feedback and collaboration.

Now that you’ve had an overview of my favorite Facebook Groups that are designed to inspire and benefit your business, head on over to their pages and join today! I look forward to “meeting you” in there!