How to Use Tailwind for Pinterest

A detailed tutorial on how to use Tailwind for Pinterest. #pinterestmarketing #marketingideas #businesstips

As an avid Pinterest advocate and lover, I recently wrote a blog why it should be operated with a totally separate strategy from your social media’s. Part of that strategy I mentioned, is Tailwind –a software I use to enhance my Pinterest experience and drive more traffic to my website.  So, for those of you who are completely foreign to the program, I decided to outline a “how-to” to help get you started. But first thing’s first:

What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is a visual marketing software for bloggers and small businesses that helps to manage your Pinterest and Instagram content and analytics. With the platform, users are able to upload and schedule content, maximize their reach through numerous features, and measure success –all in one place.

The Main Features

Publisher – The publisher tab allows you to upload pins, give them descriptions, select multiple boards, add the URLs, etc. Once they are uploaded into your drafts and properly set up, you can then share them to multiple channels, schedule them to publish at a specific time slot, or simply add to your smart schedule’s queue.

Chrome ExtensionTailwind’s Chrome extension becomes very useful when trying to schedule content well an advance. Simply install the extension and click on the Tailwind icon that appears when you hover over an image you want to schedule. Once clicked, the image and source will pull into your drafts. 

Smart Schedule – Your smart schedule is located on the right side of publisher in a series of small boxes, which are dedicated to a particular day and time.  You can choose to add or remove time slots to fit your preferences, or request that the smart schedule is created for you to optimize peak posting times. There’s also an option to drag and drop pins around in the scheduler too –pretty cool!

Tailwind Tribes – This feature is Tailwinds’ version of a group board or community on Pinterest. The intention here, is to have users join a tribe that is relevant to their niche, so they can share similar content with one another and amplify their reach. The best part, is that there’s a tribe for just about any niche –so really anyone can participate!

InsightsTailwind has a pretty advanced analytics portion as well. Just with a basic account, you’ll get a weekly summary of your profile and pin performance, a detailed overview of your board metrics, an up-close pin inspector to show you which one’s resonate best with your audience, AND insight on how much of your website traffic derives from Pinterest.

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Now that I’ve given you a very broad overview of Tailwind and its main features, let’s upload some original content together step-by-step! (see yellow highlights)

How to Upload Original Content to Tailwind

 1. Upload your Image

Go to your dashboard and click on the “Publisher” tab on the left. It will dropdown several options; click on “Drafts.” You will then see a screen similar to mine below (yours will be empty). Click on “Create a New Pin” at the top right and then “Upload Images.” Look for the Pinterest graphic of your choice and upload it into your drafts. You can even select multiple images at once!

Tailwind 1.png

2. Prepare your Pin

Once your image(s) are uploaded, you’ll then be prompted to select corresponding boards, enter a description, and your URL. Notice your website will be the default link for any pin you upload; this will need to be changed if you’re trying to direct readers to a particular blog post, page, etc.

Tailwind 2.png
Tailwind 3.png

 3. Add to your Tribes

After you’ve set up your pin, I suggest you share it to your tribes for maximum exposure. Before you share to tribes, make sure to double check that you’ve inputted the correct description and URL –I’ve jumped the gun one too many times and lost valuable monthly submissions over this mistake 😉! (P.S. If you haven’t joined any tribes yet, go ahead and explore/join some tribes in the “Tribes” tab on your dashboard. It’s helpful to get this done before you upload content to avoid flipping back and forth).

Tailwind 4.png

4. Schedule your Pin

Once you’re ready to schedule your pin, you can click either “Add to Queue,” which will just fill in the next available slot in your smart schedule, or the little clock on the left, which allows you to select a more specific time. I like adjusting the time, so it spreads my content out over the course of many weeks. This is to ensure variety each day and to avoid redundant pins and topics. If your pin is going to many boards, I typically set the interval to publish at least 1 day in between, at an optimized time slot. You can also change the start date of your posting series as well –this is for circumstances where maybe your pins are heavy at the beginning of the month, but the end of the month looks skimpy (so you start the series there). Once you’ve selected your preferred slots, hit “Set Interval,” and then “Schedule.”

Tailwind 5.png

5. See Your Scheduled Pin

Now that you’ve scheduled your first pin, go ahead and check it out in your smart schedule on the right. If need be, you can edit it and send it “Back to Drafts,” or change its scheduled slot by simply dragging and dropping it with your mouse. (P.S. Once your pins are scheduled, they publish for you automatically –no push notification reminders! 😊).

Tailwind 6.png

Whoohoo! It must feel great to have your first pin scheduled! Are you ready to get started? Then click below to try it for free!

But what if you want to schedule a pin from a fellow tribe member? After all, that’s kinda the point, right? No worries! I’ve gotcha covered, below:

How to Schedule a Tribe Member’s Pin

1. Select a Tribe

Go to “Tribes” in the left navigation pane. Click on “Your Tribes,” then drop down and select the tribe of your choice.

Tailwind 7.png

 2. Scroll the Feed

Locate a pin you’d like to re-share and schedule to your smart schedule.

Tailwind 8.png

3. Prepare and Schedule

Now prepare and schedule the pin as you would if you were uploading your own! The only difference this time, is that the description and URL is already done for you (by the tribe mate), so simply select the boards you want them to publish on, select your scheduling criteria, and click either “Add to Queue,” or “Schedule.” It will automatically pull into your smart schedule!

Tailwind 9.png

The last thing I wanted to point out was how to schedule numerous pins at a time using the Chrome extension. I think you’ll find this SUPER helpful when you’re looking for specific content online and don’t want to take the time to save the image and link the source. So, without further adieu:


How to Schedule Pins Using the Tailwind Chrome Extension


1. Find Something to Pin

Open up Chrome and find an image that you’d like to re-share and schedule on Tailwind. I honestly just use the extension when I’m searching on Pinterest because the images are already in the long format and the descriptions and sources are already there. Simple.

Tailwind 10.png

2. Click the Tailwind Icon

Once you find the pin you want to schedule, hover over it and click on the Tailwind icon that appears. Your Tailwind drafts window will then pop up. As you can see, the pin was pulled into your drafts and now you can prepare your pin and schedule using the same steps above. Yay!

Tailwind 11.png

I hope this mini tutorial was helpful for those of you new to Pinterest and Tailwind. I promise you, the combination between these two will work wonders for your business. For additional information on Pinterest best practices, read it here.

Oh, and I forgot the best part –your first month is free –no credit card required. So, go on and give it a try. What can it hurt? 😉

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