Hi guys! I'm Shauna —Rochester, NY native (bad weather, and all), and creative entrepreneur just like you. A few fun facts:

  • I have the cutest mutt in the world named Ty (named after Tyrod Taylor, but that's another story)

  • My boyfriend—I mean, fiancé (we’re newly engaged!), Marc and I love whipping up fancy meals on random weeknights (wine included)

  • Decorating, styling, and design has always intrigued me. I love creating things with my hands, and DIY projects are often on my list of to-dos

  • I’m currently working on a lifestyle blog to encompass those passions called, The Decorator Diaries (launching this spring!)

  • I love traveling —especially to Europe. I studied in Florence, Italy in college and plan to head back next year!

My road to brand styling, content creation, and social media consulting slowly started while I was working my (multiple) 9-5s. I never felt fulfilled or energized, and most importantly, I felt like my creativity and passions were limited.

As my career progressed, I realized I needed to work with individuals who are just as passionate about their craft as I am. Today, I specialize creating compelling and beautiful content for my clients, as well as educating female girl bosses how to grow their presence online.

Interested in connecting? Then shoot me a note below!

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